• Business Man


Mr. Dennis Anderson serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Anderson is a serial entrepreneur with over 23 years of experience and expertise in creating, funding, and/or managing technology-based startups and emerging companies primarily focused on research, development, and commercialization of new biotechnology and biopharmaceutical products for human and veterinary markets.

While in the private sector, Mr. Anderson was involved in the creation and growth of six technology startup companies and raised, in aggregate, more than $400 million in capital for these companies.

He subsequently spent 11 years in the office of research, creative activities, and technology transfer at North Dakota State University (most recently as an associate vice president) developing, procuring funding, and managing various high technology research centers and programs, especially those funded by both federal and state governmental agencies as well as small and large private sector partners.

Mr. Anderson possesses expertise in intellectual property creation, procurement, development,technology transfer (including licensing), and commercialization of various technologies and associated IP in both private sector and academic settings. He graduated with a B.Sc. (Microbiology) from North Dakota State University and M.Sc. (virology) from Kansas State University.


Mr. Simon Calton is a co-founder of Coretec and the CEO of Carlton James ND Limited and Rycal Developments LLC. For the Carlton James Group, Mr. Calton focuses on financing and technological development for for the Company’s subsidiaries and angel investment strategies. At Rycal, Mr. Calton leads efforts in identifying and structuring a number of different investment strategies and angel investment products for clients. His efforts have resulted in a number of completed projects that returned capital to investors.

In his role at Coretech, Mr. Calton will focuses on business development, financial management, and structuring funding, among other roles. His financial expertise will strengthen the Company’s ability to bring to market the Silicon-based technologies developed in conjunction with Coretec’s partner companies.


Mr. Dombrowski possesses over 25 years of global sales and operations experience, growing and scaling both startups and Fortune 500 technology companies. He is a business-driven sales management and marketing executive, delivering outstanding returns leading, managing, and directing sales and marketing operations to higher levels of performance. Mr. Dombrowski is a persistent marketing leader that identifies business opportunities that others often miss, managing innovative brand strategies across multiple product categories that ultimately drive millions of dollars in revenue.

His immediate contributions in expanding business and forging relationships and leveraging well-established networks are expected to bring both short and long term sales results to Coretec, as will his extensive management experience in leading sales, coaching and overall direction. Mr. Dombrowski is a graduate of the Southern Illinois University with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management.