• Lab Work


The company’s business model is to identify and license technology created by major universities, institutions, national laboratories and other research centers prior to partnering with leading manufacturers for commercialization. We believe that where technology does not already exist, there lies market opportunity through sponsored research.

The initial candidates for licensing are centered upon the silicon technologies developed by Dr. Philip Boudjouk and his team at NDSU. These patents include methods to produce and process cyclohexasilane (Si6H12), derivatives of Si6H12 and their conversion into Si and SiC thin films, Si nanowires and Si QDs for application to solar energy, solid-state lighting, printable electronics, energy storage, displays, and many others.

Future technologies will include high refractive index siloxane polymers (HRISP), among others. This total portfolio will include 13 issued patents, 15 pending patents and 2 provisional patents patents that provide protection in the US, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and the UK.